Prof. Rajeev Paramel Pattathil, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, UK, will be delivering an Invited Talk on August 1, 2019 at 2.30 pm (Venue CV Raman Auditorium, ISP).  The abstract of talk and brief bio data of the speaker are as follows

Zero to light-speed in a centimeter!


Some of the largest particle accelerators in the world can speed-up charged particles very, very close to the speed of light. However, they all are large scientific machines – some of them several kilometers long. Over the past decade, an alternative, compact way of accelerating charge particles to very high energies has emerged, using high power laser systems.  Recent advances in high power laser technology has enabled acceleration of charged particles – especially electrons – to near-light speed in a very compact plasma channel: a few mm as opposed to hundreds of meters required in a conventional accelerator. Recent experimental campaigns have accelerated electrons to energies over a Giga electron Volt, similar to a conventional synchrotron, but in a centimeter-long channel.  Just like in synchrotrons, these electrons also emit copious amounts of nearly coherent x-rays during the process of acceleration in the plasma channel, offering new sources for time-resolved x-ray imaging for industrial and biomedical applications.

I will give an overview of the field, describing the latest developments and future directions.


Rajeev obtained PhD in Laser-Plasma Physics from Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), Mumbai in 2003 and was a NSERC Research Fellow at the National Research Council, Ottawa, Canada during 2003-2007, working on Attosecond Science and Nanoplasmonics.  Rajeev joined the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL) in 2007.  He heads Gemini – one of the most powerful lasers in the world – since 2009. Rajeev received the Indian National Science Academy’s Young Scientist Award in 2009 for his work on nano-physics in intense light fields.

Rajeev currently leads the laser-driven accelerator program at RAL. He is an associate member of the John Adams Institute, University of Oxford and an adjunct/visiting professor at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Madras) and TIFR (Mumbai and Hyderabad). Rajeev is a member of several national and international steering committees on laser-driven accelerators and has co-authored over 80 peer-reviewed publications in laser-plasmas and associated fields.

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