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National Seminar on Non-linear Phenomena

Feb 27-28, 1998

This national seminar was focused on various fields in the area of non-linear optics. More than 30 research papers were presented during this two day seminar. 

National Seminar on High Power Lasers and Their Applications

Feb 27-28, 1999

This national seminar covered areas in the field of high power lasers and their applications. More than 50 research papers were presented during this two day seminar. 

Workshop on Industrial and Medical Applications of Lasers (WIMAL-2000)

Feb 27-28, 2000

Experts from the fields of industry and medicine delivered lectures on relevant topics. Over fifty participants from all over India participated in the workshop. The workshop was sponsored by UGC, Photonics Society of India and Indian Physics Association (Cochin Chapter). 

Indo-Dutch Colloquium on Low Dimensional Structures

Oct 10-11, 2000

This colloquium highlighted the increasing role played by the semiconductor nanostructures like quantum dots and quantum wells in the future development of communication and computing technology. Colloquium was organized under the ISP-MHO project.

Workshop on Nonlinear Optics (WONLOP-2001)

Feb 27-28, 2001

The workshop highlighted the recent developments in the field of nonlinear optics and nonlinear materials. Tutorial lectures on various aspects of nonlinear optics was covered during the workshop.

Workshop on New Frontiers in Teaching and Learning Methodology in Science Education at College Level

March 2001

The workshop was aimed to give an exposure to the new teaching and learning methodology in science education for college teachers.

Workshop on Optoelectronics for College Teachers

Jan 7-21, 2002

The Workshop on Optoelectronics for College Teachers was organized by ISP under ISP - MHO project. College teachers from all over India took part in this unique workshop.

Indo-Dutch Workshop on Optoelectronics for Medical and Engineering Professionals 

Feb 22-26, 2002

This workshop was conducted as part of the ISP-MHO project. Tutorial type lectures were given by experts in diverse fields of engineering and medicine. 

Workshop on Fiber Optics and its Applications

Feb 27-28, 2002

The National Workshop on Fiber Optics and its Applications  covered areas like electromagnetic wave propagation through optical fibers, fiber optic sensors, optical networks etc. 

Indo-Dutch Workshop on Current Trends in Photonic Materials and Devices

Jan 14-15, 2003       Workshop Home Page

Objective of the workshop was to discuss the recent trends in the development and characterization of photonic materials and devices. There were invited lectures by leading scientists from The Netherlands and India in the area of Photonics. One session was devoted to the presentation of posters in this area.
Photonics - An Introduction

Feb 14-16, 2003      Workshop Home Page

This was a three day workshop for B. Tech students. Various topics related to photonics were discussed. There was a lab session also.
Annual Photonics Workshop-2003: Recent trends in light matter interactions

Feb 27-28, 2003      Workshop Home Page

The primary objective of the APW-2003 was to offer an introduction to some of the areas like Propagation of electromagnetic wave through random media, photon localization, photonic bandgap materials, photon acceleration and dressed photons, to those who are interested in such aspects of light-matter interactions. The main target group was young researchers and teachers planning to enter these novel and fascinating fields of research. 
Expanding Frontiers in Nonlinear Phenomena-A colloquium in honour of Prof. R Pratap

July 29, 2003      Workshop Home Page     Web Conference

The colloquium was conducted in the honour of the eightieth birthday of Prof. R. Pratap. The focal theme of the colloquium was Complex Systems and their Dynamics with special reference to higher functions of brain.
Photonics 2004  

December 9-11, 2004 

International School of Photonics and NeST Photonics, Cohcin jointly organized the 7th International Conference on Opto-Electronics, Fiber Optics and Photonics. A tutorial session in Fiber Optics, Bio Photonics and Nanotechnology was also conducted in connection with this event.  It was one of the biggest International conferences organized by ISP and people from all over the globe participated in the event.
Annual Photonics Workshop-2005: Recent trends in light matter interactions

Feb 27-28, 2005   

The primary objective of APW-2005 was to offer an introduction to some of the areas like Recent Trends in Optics, Optical Communications, Optics of Nanomaterials, Ultrafast Optical Processes, Integrated Optics, to those who are interested in such aspects of light-matter interactions. The main target group was young researchers and teachers planning to enter these novel and fascinating fields of research. 

Dec 5-7, 2005

The focal theme of the 20th National Symposium on Plasma Science and Technology, conducted in collaboration with Plasma Science Society of India, was LASER PRODUCED PLASMA. The program included invited talks, contributed papers and poster presentations in various disciplines related to Plasma Physics.
Annual Photonics Workshop-2006: Ultrafast Optics

Feb 27-28, 2006   

The primary objective of APW-2005 was to offer an introduction to Ultrafast Optical Processes. The main target group was young researchers and teachers planning to enter this novel and fascinating field of research. 
Indo-UK workshop in Fiber Optics and Its Applications

Aug 29-31, 2006   

Annual Photonics Workshop-2007: Recent Trends in Nonlinear optics

Feb 27-28, 2007

Annual Photonics Workshop-2008: Ultrafast Processes and Applications

Feb 27-28, 2008   

The main objective of APW– 2008 is to give an introduction to the above topic to motivated persons planning to work in these areas. The target group will be young researchers and teachers in the Universities, colleges and other research institutions. Tentative list of topics to be covered are ultrafast pulse generation, diagnostic and pulse characterization methods, ultrafast pump-probe spectroscopy, high power laser systems and time resolved studies in the picosecond and sub-picosecond domain.

Indo-UK workshop on Fiber Optics, Photonics and Bioinstrumentation

Sept 2-5, 2008   

  Annual Photonics Workshop 2009 (APW 2009) National Workshop on Nanophotonics

Feb 27-28, 2009   

The aim of the Workshop is to introduce the exciting area of emerging technology namely Nanophotonics. Experts will discuss topics like interactions and materials related to nanophotonics, photonic crystals, biophotonics and photonic circuits. Nanophotonics deals with interactions between light and matter at a scale shorter than the wavelength of light itself. These nanoparticles are already being used for various applications of nanophotonics such as UV absorbers in sunscreen lotions. Metallic nanoparticles exhibit unique optical response and enhanced electromagnetic field and a new area called "plasmonics” has been introduced. There are nanoparticles which upconvert two absorbed IR photons into a photon in the visible UV range. Another important area is photonic crystal that represents a periodic dielectric structure with a repeat unit of the order of wavelength of light. Nanoscale photoprocesses can be used for nanolithography to fabricate nanostructures. These nanostructures can be used to form nanoscale sensors and actuators. A nanoscale optical memory is another area of exciting concept of nanofabrication.


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