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We are seeking talented and motivated students to work on a wide range of exciting research projects in a well resourced and dynamic research group. Our Ph. D programme leads to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy awarded in technology by the Cochin University of Science and Technology. The goal is to train a select group of promising candidates for research careers in photonics and related fields. Successful candidates undertake a research programme for a period of 3-5 years under the supervision of one of the faculties in the school leading to the submission of a thesis that must give evidence of proficiency in research methods and techniques and should show a good knowledge of the research area. Students are allowed to register part time , in which case the period of study may be extended. Before submitting the Ph. D thesis, students have to appear for a qualifying test, which consist of written examination and a comprehensive viva-voce. Once qualified, students can give a pre-synopsis seminar followed by the submission of the thesis. The Ph. D thesis is evaluated by a board of two examiners followed by an open defense of the thesis. Please see the research areas in ISP.

IMPORTANT !!: The information available in this section may vary. Please always check the Cochin University Web Site and/or the Academic Hand Book provided with the application form for updated information on admissions for all courses offered by ISP. If you have any doubt, please contact for assistance 



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