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Photoacoustic Cell Design

The designing of the photoacoustic cell is really critical to get a very good signal to noise ratio. All theoretical and experimental studies predict that for a constant light absorption, the amplitude of the photoacoustic signal reaching the microphone depends on the size of the cell and in general increases as cell dimensions are reduced. However, one must not minimize this to a point that the acoustic signal produced at the sample suffers appreciable dissipation to the cell window and walls before reaching the microphone. Proper acoustic isolation from outside world and microphone configuration is also critical. Most importantly, the sample to be studied plays a significant role when designing a photoacoustic cell. Taking these considerations in mind, several cell configurations are developed in ISP labs. Please see the cross-sectional view of some of the important cell designsigns. 

Variable Temperature Photoacoustic Cell

Variable Temperature PA Cell

Open Photoacoustic Cell
Open PA Cell
Resonance Photoacoustic Cell
Resonance PA Cell
Liquid Photoacoustic Cell
Liquid PA Cell
Photoacoustic Cell for Rear Side Illumination
Rear Side Illuminating Cell
Simple Flat Microphone Photoacoustic Cell
A Simple PA Cell !!

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