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Photoacoustic Spectrometer

Photoacoustic spectroscopy is based on photoacoustic effect. A photoacoustic spectrum consists of a plot of the intensity of the acoustic signal detected by a microphone or a piezoelectric detector, against the excitation wavelength or another quantity related to the photon energy of the modulated excitation. It is a valuable source for data acquisition relating to absorption and material science studies.

Photoacoustic Spectrometer           

Our photoacoustic spectrometer consist of a Xenon arc lamp in a housing containing a back reflector and adapter optics, which can emit in the UV-VIS-NIR region. A liquid filter removes the excess infrared radiation for reduction of temperature. The beam is modulated using electro-mechanical chopper and a series of optics transfers the beam to a monochromater assembly which contains a holographic grating. A manual wavelength drive allow the tuning of the monochromater and the out put beam is focused to the sample kept inside the photoacoustic cell. The photoacoustic signal from the sample for each wavelength is detected

.PA Spectra: Xenon Lamp Emission Profile

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