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STM Image of Quantum Dots

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Research on Low Dimensional Systems

Semiconductor nanostructures are artificial crystals synthesised by epitaxial growth and often patterned by various micro and nanofabrication techniques. Thanks to these systems, it is possible to study electronic, optical and transport properties of two-dimensional (quantum well), one-dimensional (quantum wire), and zero-dimensional (quantum dot) systems. The remarkable advancement of growth and fabrication techniques makes it possible to tailor electronic states with great freedom. This in turn allows the study of exotic electronic configurations and the implementation of novel device concepts. With the increasing applications of photonic devices in the field of communication, research programme on low dimensional structures has been initiated as a collaboration work between ISP and Eindhoven University of Technology (TuE) in Netherlands. In close collaboration with the Semiconductor group (member of COBRA) at TuE, we are pursuing theoretical and experimental studies on III-IV semiconductor nanostructures. Research mainly involves modeling of optical switches and optical amplifiers, optical and electro optic studies on spatially separated electron-hole systems and optical and magneto-optic studies on natural quantum dots. 



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