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Living in the University's hostels with students from many diverse cultural and religious backgrounds is one of the most important experience that a student can have at Cochin University. The friendship and cultural understanding that grow in this unique environment are often so valuable that they have a life long impact on student's lives. The University has three men's hostels and two women's hostels. All most all rooms are shared for at least two persons. All hostels provide catered (usually three time a day) accommodation. The demand for rooms is very high and they are allocated to students who meet the selection criteria on a first come first served basis. So an early application is recommended. Applications for hostel accommodation and further information are available from Hostel Office located in Common Facility Centre. Students can also live in privately rented accommodation, there are number of good and cheap houses available near to the University. Students from abroad, coming for a short visit, are usually provided with accommodation in University Guest House or Visiting Faculty Complex.

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University have a number of catering outlets, where you can meet with friends, chat and relax in a warm and informal environment. The Indian Coffee House located near to the Common Facility Centre is open in all week days from 7.00 am to 8.30pm. See the campus map for the location of other outlets. There are many private restaurants just outside the campus offering reasonably good and cheap food. You can also find many in South Kalamassery junction, which is about 15 minute walk from the campus.

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The University has a very good library. Most items in the general collections may be borrowed. Journals, reference materials and some other items are not available for loan. Clients must be registered with the library and a current library card is required. The library registration can be done at the loan desk. The library offer Internet facility and many data basis in CD-ROM format. Visitors can also apply to use the library facilities whilst in CUSAT. Library is kept open on all working days from 9.a.m. to 8.p.m . On all second saturdays and sundays not forming part of public holidays, working hours is fixed as 10.a.m to 4.p.m. Department libraries are open on all working days. Library home page

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The campus wide fiber optic LAN connects all the departments and offices in the University. Students can access the vast resources of the internet from all departments and libraries. The high performance computing platforms at the Computer Center are also made available in the CUSAT Intranet for remote access from the department. There are also many private internet booths just near to the main entrance of the campus. Center for Information Resources Management

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Bank: The State Bank of Travancore is working in the Common Facility Centre. Banking hours is 10.00 am to 2.00 pm in all week days except Saturday. Phone: +91-484-2555883

ATM: There are two ATM machines in the campus. One is working at the common facility centre and the other is working just opposite to International School of Photonics building. 

Post Office:  The post office is located near to the Common Facility Centre. Working hours is 9.00 am to Phone: +91-484-2543224

Communication:  A telecommunication centre is working in Common Facility Centre, which provide public telephone and fax facility. Open between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm. Many public telephone booths are near to the main entrance of the University.

Shops:  A general purpose shop is located near to the open air auditorium. There are also some shops in the ground floor of the Common Facility Centre. 

Sports Facility:  The university have full sized playing courts (outdoors), catering for Basketball, Badminton, Volleyball, Tennis, Football and Cricket. University is also equipped with a very good gymnasium.

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