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University telephone numbers
 1.Administrative Block & Information 26.Hostel Aiswarya (Girls) 
 2.Engineering Department 27.Hostel Sanathana (Boys) 
 3.Center for Information Resources Management 28.Hostel Sarover (Boys)
 4.Polymer Science Department 29.Hostel Siberia (Boys) 
 5.School of Engineering 30-40.Faculty and Staff Apartments 
    Department of Computer Applications 41-53.Faculty and Staff Apartments 
    Centre for Science in Society 54.Hostel Savana (Teachers) 
 6.Polymer Science Labs 55.Quarters of Vice Chancellor 
 7.Ship Technology Labs 56.Quarters of Pro Vice Chancellor 
 8.Department of Electronics 57.Quarters of Registrar
    Department of Computer Science 58.Working Women's Hostel 
    MHO Office 59.Restaurant (University Canteen) 
9. International School of Photonics 60.Restaurant (ICH, 7am - 8.30pm)
10.Department of Physics 61.Seminar Complex
    Department of Applied Chemistry 62.Central Library & Internet
11.Department of Ship Technology  63.General Shop (9am - 6pm)
12.Enviornmental Studies 64.Common Facility Center 
13.Sophisticated Test & Instrumentation Centre      Bank & Foreign Exchange (10am - 2pm) 
14.Depaartment of Biotechnology       Telecom Center (Phone & Fax, 9am-5pm) 
15.Department of Instrumentation & USIC       Reprographic Facility (9am - 6pm) 
16.School of Legal Studies      Shops (9am - 6pm)
17.Department of Mathematics       Students Union Office
     Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies (CIS)       Hostel Office 
18.School of Management Studies (SMS)      Employment Bureau 
     Department of Applied Economics  65.Health Center
     SMS Auditorium      Day Care Centre
19.Department of Hindi  66.Post Office (9am - 5pm) 
     Department of Foreign Languages 67.University Guest House
     Centre for Creative Writing 68.University Faculty Complex 
20.Department of Statistics 69-70.New Guest Houses 
21.Electrical Substation       Rural Development & Appropriate Technology
22.Faculty Club  71.Play Ground 
23.Engineering Collage 72.Gymnasium 
24.Workshops 73.Open Air Auditorium 
25.Hostel Authulya (Girls) 74.Science Park of CSIS
Buses to Ernakulam and other destinations, University buses to Ernakulam and Alwaye (Starting point)
Buses to Ernakulam and other destinations, University buses to Ernakulam and Alwaye
Buses to Ernakulam and destinations in the direction of Ernakulam
Buses to Alwaye and destinations in the direction of Alwaye
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