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The International School of Photonics has established several collaborative research activities with a number of academic and research institutions abroad. Most important among these is the Technical University of Eindhoven (TuE) in Netherlands. The Netherlands government is offering major financial assistance for strengthening the activities of ISP under the Program of International Co-operation in Higher education (MHO). The MHO programme is part of the Dutch bilateral development aid in the education sector which is administered by Nuffic. The academic tie up between ISP and TuE will include the following special frontiers.
  • A market study in Indian photonics industry jointly conducted by ISP and TuE. Organizational study to suggest modifications with functioning of ISP with a long-term plan for further international co-oporation with other institutions abroad.
  • Curriculum development in photonics at M. Tech. and M.Phil. levels which will suit the Indian conditions.
  • Development of infrastructure facilities in ISP.
  • Identifying R&D programs to be taken as collaboration between ISP and TuE.
  • Sandwich Ph.D program for the research students of ISP.
  • Academic exchange programme for the permanent staff of ISP and TuE. 

For more details please visit: Nuffic web site & BIA web site at TuE

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