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[only for M.Tech and M.Phil Students]


Sorry, we have only limited e-mail account, so if you have a cusat e-mail id please don't request an isp account


Please use the following form to start a new e-mail account . Your new address will be Once you received the account details you can immediately use the webmail  by going to

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Ph. D M. Phil  M. Tech

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Terms and Conditions


  • Only 19 email accounts are available. It will be issued on first come first serve basis.

  • Your mail box size: 200 KB, support html format

  • One month after completion of your course, your account will be removed. Prior to this you will receive an e-mail from the administrator and 2 days after this your account will be removed without further notification. ISP is not responsible for any lose of data or important information. 

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