EtchNew 2017

Conducted by International School of Photonics

January 16th and 17th 2017

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Everything, from the distant stars to the “sparks of an unextinguished hearth “, signifies the mastery of light. Set in the backdrop of various disciples of physical science, the annual optics fair ETCHNEW 2017 brings together both the fundamental and advanced concepts and applications of photonics. Join us in the journey to embark the advent, development and future of light.

Come let us illuminate ourselves.


  • To promote optics and photonics which is going to be the promising scientific technology in near future.
  • To introduce a new way of experimental approach of learning rather than theoretical approach.
  • To guide the young masterminds to the scientific world where new career opportunities awaits them


  • Popular science lectures by eminent professors
  • Demonstrations of optics related experiments
  • Quiz programmes
  • There will also be demonstration and sale of optics kit developed by SPIE -OSA student chapters, comprising all the basic components needed for learning basic optics


The sections will follow the breakthroughs in light science based on various domains of physics.

Special reference will be given to Electrostatics, Magnetostatics ,Electicity,Magnetism, EM waves, Ray optics, Wave optics, Dual nature of light and Optical instruments.


Day 1 Day 2
Morning Session Stage show by Dr.Ananthakrishnan Experimental demonstrations in optics by Prof. V.P.N. Nampoori
Afternoon Session A talk by Prof. Radhakrishnan on  Optical Fibres Quiz

Registration Pamphlet Poster