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Photonics resources of degree programmes in optics index of optics and photonics resources
 Online optical library with lot of links from
 SPIE's gateway to photonics: Virtual library for optical science and Engineering
 Online photonics resource from by IOP
 The photonics dictionary
 About polarized light: Polarized light in science and technology
 A light guide: About the properties and behavior of light
 Photonics yellow pages: An extensive listings of photonics web sites
 Photonics links from University of Maryland
 Fiber optics tutorial from Laser Comm fiber optic division
 Introduction to fiber optics
 Fiber optics principles: Corning cable systems-basic principles of fiber optics
 Gaussian beam optics
 Laser history from 1917 to 1996 from Laser Stars
 Invention of laser at Bell Laboratories: 1958-1998-Article from Bell labs
 Lasers - A practical guide: A Practical Guide for Experimenters and Hobbyists  
 Sams laser FAQ 
 Laser resources
 NASA photonics links
 Practical holography
 Optical recording: Article from Philips Research
 FMT photonics links
 Physics of lasers: General laser physics resources  
 Laser show resources from
 Laser links
 Laser safety resources
 Laser sensing technology
 Lasers in Dermatology 
 Photonic band gap resources
 Sol-gel gateway
 Quantum optics and atom optics links
 Quantum computing
 Light emitting polymers
 Light and colour
 Tunable lasers
 Optics and photonics information
 Optics Information
 Liquid crystals and polymers
 Laser plasma links
 Plasma resources
 Laser links of Stony Brook Laser Teching Centre
 Laser science and optics-Lawrence Livermore labs
 Light Measurement Handbook-Download
 Virtual library-Microscopy
 Fiberoptics Application Notes
 Optics Formulas in PDF format
 Fiber optic installation guide
 Light and Optics-Arizona State University
 Practiacal Holography
  Fiber optics portal
  Holographic Gratings Operation-Technical publications from Agilent Technologies
  National Photonics Skills Standards for Technicians (USA)
  Laser/Electro-Optics Technology (LEOT) curriculum materials from CORD
  A general introduction to optical design by Bruce Irving
  Application notes and tutorials from Newport
  Laser product literature in PDF format from Coherent
  Tutorials from Melles Griot-Click each product and then follow the tutorial link (PDF)
  Technical notes from Melles Griot in PDF format
  Technical notes from Spectra Physics (PDF and HTML format)
  Literature from JDS Uniphase (Articles and Brochures) in PDF and Printable format
  Optical replication handbook from Thermo Opticon (PDF format-48 pages)
  Literature from Oriel-All documents are in PDF format
  Image Processing fundamentals by I.T.Young and J.J.Gerbrands
  Guide to wavelet analysis-A Tutorial by Robi Polikar
  Wavelet resources on world wide web-Amaras wavelet page
  Choosing a lense-What focal length is required ?
  Glossary of laser terms from NTSC laser page
  Manual of US patent classification: Optics (Including communication) and systems
  Manual of US patent classification: Optics-Measuring and testing
  Individual home pages of people of optics community (nonlinear and quantum optics)
  Nano fabrication via atom optics from NIST-PDF format(69 pages)
  Writing and applications of fiber brag gratings (PDF format)
  Elsevier's Optics Collection: Elsevier's gateway to optics publications
  Gratings technical notes from Thermo RGL (HTML and PDF format)
  Diffraction grating handbook (forth edition) by Christopher Palmer (HTML version)
  Photodiode basics from Silicon Sensors
  lntegrating sphere radiometry-Technical notes from Labsphere
  An Introduction to scientific imaging charge coupled devices (PDF Format, 20 pages)
  Image sensor solutions: Tutorials from Eastman Kodak (PDF Format)
  CCD tutorials from Roper Scientific (PDF Format)
  The optics of spectroscopy-A tutorial by J.M.Lerner and A.Thevenon (HTML format)
  Introduction to CCDs: Four downloadable powerpoint presentation (50 slides each)
  Visual Optics-A hand written course by Jim Schwieger (PDF Format)
  Laser dyes references (236) from Exciton
  Dye laser tuning curves: Provided by Exciton
  Dye laser wavelength chart provided by Exciton
  Laser dyes: Lasing wavelength, concentration, pump source, absorption maximum etc.
  High performance precursor light emitting polymers by Dr. Paul May
  Cambridge Display Technology home page: Articles related to Light Emiting Polymers
  Organic light emitting diodes (OLED) primer from eMagin
  About conjugated polymers and photonics applications-Nobel lecture 2000
  Conjugated polymers for photovoltaic applications by Gordon G.Wallace
  Photonics applications of Conjugated polymers
  Structure of important conjugated polymers
  Plastic lasers: Stimulated emission from conjugated organic polymers (PDF Format)
  Vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL)
  Free electron lasers (Book) HTML format
  Free electron laser: The world wide web virtual library
  The X-Ray laser from underground to table top
  Photovoltaic resources on world wide web
  An introduction to active and adaptive optics
  Adaptive optics links from adaptive
  ORION Proposal-The ORION center for advanced accelerator and beam physics (PDF)
  Defense application of lasers: US air force air borne laser facility
  Defense applications of laser: High energy laser master plan by US defense (PDF)
  Crossing the petawatt threshold: About the petawatt laser at LLNL
  Introduction and guide to night vision equipment
  Lamp operation and handling: Effective use of spectroscopic sources
  Transparent media for different spectral regions
  Photoacoustics and Photothermal links
  Defence laser systems
  Space based laser systems
  Worlds first laser gun shoots down missile
  Links to laser resources from
  OSHA Technical manual on laser hazards
  An introduction to fiber amplifiers
  An introduction to fiber optics in PDF format (21 pages)
  Optoelectronics and optics links from
  General infrared applications from
  The unusual diode FAQ by Dr. Michael J. Chudobiak
  Laser safety-A biological study by US Air force
  A general introduction to LIDAR
  Bookmarks for lasers
  Organic polymer links (many photonic applications)
  An introduction to laser speckle
  Laser cooling-A very good demonstration
  Active photonics devices (PDF format, 45 pages)
  An introduction to lasers-Power point presentation in pdf format
  Basic holographic principles-Lecture handouts in PDF format
  Introduction to Furier optic-Lecture handouts in PDF format
  Digital image processing-Lecture handouts in PDF format
  Introduction to image sensors-Lecture handouts in PDF format
  Introduction to lasers-Lecture handouts in PDF format
  Introduction to lasers-Lecture handouts in PDF format
  Photonics laboratory-Lecture handouts in PDF format
  Guided wave optical devices-Lecture handouts in PDF format
  Semiconductor optoelectronics devices-Lecture handouts in PDF format
  Fiber bragg gratings-Tutorial from OE magazine
  Photonics technology-Trends and developments from bell labs (PDF)
  An introduction to fiber optic sensors from NTU Singapore
  An overview of fiber optic sensors (PDF file, 40 pages)
  Optics resource center from Olympus
  Fibre optic sensors for infrastructure applications (PDF format, 160 pages)
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