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Useful scientific data and resources

 Table of science constants
 Periodic table from web elements
  NIST Physics Laboratory holdings by element
 International System of units from NIST
 Dictionary of scientific units
 Mathematics formulas and tables
 Physics equations in PDF format
 Physics laws, effects, rules and principles
 Ground levels and ionization energies for the neutral atoms
 Photo cross sections and rate coefficients
 Atomic spectral lines from Korean Atomic Research Institute
 Atomic energy levels from Korean Atomic Research Institute
 Rayleigh scattering database
 Atomic data for resonance absorption lines
 Electron binding energies for the elements in their natural forms
 Atomic scattering factors for the elements 
 Electron-impact ionization cross section database 
 X-Ray form factor, attenuation and scattering tables
 Photon cross sections database
 Atomic reference data for electronic structure calculations 
 Crystal Lattice Structures
 Photoacoustics & photothermal: Parameters for common solvents
 Acoustic Properties of materials
 Chirality Database: CHIRAL WORLD
 Guide to polymer trade names
 Organic light emitting diode chemicals
 Common Laser dyes (some physical parameters) from Exciton
 Saturable absorber list + properties from Exciton
 Abbreviations of chemical compounds
 Links to thermodynamic data
 Refractive index data for some natural crystals
 Mineral data base
 Links to material safety data sheets (MSDS)
 Physical data of biomedical materials
 Nuclear Data from Brookhaven National Laboratory  
 Semiconductor data base
 Semiconductor n, k data base
 Semiconductor data base from
 Organic compounds database
 Laser classification table
 Web Enabled Expert Database in the Area of Science & Tech.
 Community of Science
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