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Writing a Ph.D Thesis - Guidelines   Scientific Writing- Guidelines
 How to write a Ph.D thesis by Joe Wolfe  Science of scientific writing-American Scientist
 How to write a Ph.D thesis by S. Joseph Levine  Writing guidelines for engineering and science
 Advice on research and writing  Word usage in scientific writing
 How to organize your thesis by J. W. Chinneck  Guidelines for styles on scientific writing
 Prepare to write your Ph.D thesis  Tips on scientific writings from Deaken library
 How to write your Ph.D thesis  Writers handbook-Academic writing
 Tips for thesis writing by Jesse Wegman  Technical report writing-From NASA
 Writing a thesis-Power point presentation  Scientific writing guides-Books
 How to write a Ph.D thesis-Books  Scientific writing-Internet links
 How to write a Ph.D thesis-Power point format Prepare for an Oral Presentation
 How to write a Ph.D thesis by S. Joseph Levine  Requirements for the oral presentation
 How to write a Ph.D thesis by S. Joseph Levine  Tips for preparing scientific talks-From ONR
Poster Presentation Tips  Public speaking transparency package
 Guidelines for a poster presentation  Guidelines for scientific presentations
 Developing a poster presentation-Power point  Guidelines for scientific presentations
 Designing effective posters  How to give a scientific talk ?
 How to make a great poster ?-From ASPB  The art of communicating effectively
 Poster presentation of research work  Books on scientific presentation
 How to prepare a poster by S. Hammerling Science and Technology Quotations
 Creating an effective poster presentation  Short dictionary of scientific quotations
 Creating a poster using MS Power point  Quotations relevant to technology
 Tips for effective poster presentation  Quotations in physics
 Creating a poster using MS Power point  Internet links to scientific quotations
Search Engine List  Internet public library-Quotations resources
 Search engines on the world wide web  Science quotations books-By Carl. C. Gaither
 Search engines on the world wide web Online Translation and Language Support
 Search engines arranged by country  Translate web pages and plain text
 PDF file searach engine from Adobe  Translate web pages and plain text
 FTP search engine list  Translate plain text
 Image search engine list  Language dictionaries and translators
Computer and Software Tables, Calculators and Converters
 Windows tutorials-WIN98, WIN2000, NT  Periodic Table from
 Unix tutorial from University of Edinburgh  International System of Units from NIST
 MS-DOS help  Conversion table: Non SI units to SI units
 Word, Excel, Power point, Access, Front page  Mathematics tables and formulas
 Microsoft Product-Online tutorials  Mathematics reference tables
 Microcal Origin tutorials-For plotting data  Table of scientific constants
 C and C++ tutorial links  Physics equations in PDF format (844KB)
 Fortran 77 and Fortran 90 tutorials  Table of physics laws, principles and effects
 HTML fundamentals-Tutorial links  Online scientific calculator
 Mathmatica tutorials from Wolfram Research  Universal time converter
 Matlab tutorial links  Universal currency converter

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