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Free journals and news letters 

 Berkely Lab Research Review (online)
 Fiber System Europe / Fiber System International (free subscription)
  Euro Photonics (free subscription)
 Photonics Spectra (free subscription)
 Biophotonics International (free subscription)
 Laser Focus World (free subscription / online)
 WDM Solutions (free subscription / online)
 Industrial Laser Solutions (free subscription / online)
 Solid State Technology (free subscription / online)
 Lightwave (free subscription / online)
 Vision Systems Design (free subscription / online)
 Integrated Communications Design (free subscription / online)
 Cabling Installation and Maintenance (free subscription / online)
 Advanced Packaging (free subscription / online)
 Fiber Optics Product News (free subscription / online)
 Fiber Optics Online (by e-mail)
 Optics Express (online)
 OE Reports (online)
 OE Magazine (online)
 Network Magazine (free subscription)
 Password-Philips Research (online)
 Bell Labs-Technical Journal (online)
 IBM Journal of Research and Development (online)
 Think Research-Your Window to IBM Research (online)
 Oak Ridge National Laboratory Review (online)
 Oak Ridge National Laboratory Review (online)
 Sandia Lab News (online)
 Sandia Technology (online)
 Sandia Perspective (online)
 Berkely Research Review Magazine (online)
 Science Beat-Berkely (online)
 Brookhaven National Laboratory Bulletin (online)
 Fermi News (online)
 Living Reviews in Relativity (online)
 Journal of Nitride Semiconductor Research (online)
 RLE Currents (online)
 Science & Technology Review (online)
 Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis (online)
 Japanese Journal of Applied Physics (online)
 IBM Research Journals (online)
 Pramana-Journal of Physics (online)
 Snowden Library-Links to Free Online Journals
 Lasers and Optronics Online (online)
 Physics Related Free Journals
 PennWell Home Page-Free Technology Journals
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