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Light sources - A general introduction 

 Light emitting diodes (LED)  Semiconductor diode laser 
 Organic light emitting diodes (OLED)  Vertical cavity surface emitting laser
  Compact fluorescent lamps (CFL)  Distributed bragg reflector laser 
 Fluorescent lamps  Distributed feed back laser 
 Gas discharge lamps  Brillouin fiber laser 
 Incandescent bulbs  Raman laser 
 Sulfur lamps  DPSS laser 
 Halogen lamps  Fiber lasers 
 Ultra violet lamps  Quantum well laser 
 Arc lamps  Quantum dot laser 
 Solid state laser    Quantum wire laser 
 Gas laser  Quantum cascade laser 
 Ion lasers  Plasma lasers
 Metal-vapor lasers  Nuclear pumped laser
 Excimer lasers   X-Ray laser
 Gas dynamic laser   Gamma ray laser
 Chemical lasers    The lighting library
 Optically pumped organic laser  Lighting resources
 Electrically pumped organic laser   Lighting resources
 Solid state dye laser    Quantum cascade laser
 Dye laser    Quantum cascade laser
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