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Scientific software

 Optical design software links
 Commercial image processing software links
 Optical design software links
  Optical component design software
 Optics software links from dmoz open directory
 Mathematics software information
 Links to mathematical software from math archives
 Software for mathematics
 Collection of m-files from Math Works home page
 Software for data acquisition and data analysis in nuclear physics
 Mathematics software links
 Time series analysis software links
 Library of Mathamatica source codes technical computing portal
 Library of Mapple source codes from Mapple application center
 Femlab-multiphysics modeling software 
 LabVIEW-Links to resources 
 Maple-Links to resources
 Document preparation with Latex
 HTML reference manual 
 Sun freeware for Solaris
 Unix web resources
 Fractal software links
 Artificial neural networks software links from PN national library
 Free software and libraries for C and C++
 Neuroscience software resources
 Mathematics software links from Florida State University
 C++ tutorial links
 Fortran resources
 Free Fortran software links
 Fortran and Fortran software resources on web
 Software archives in the North America
 Numerical methods-software collection
 Numerical methods for Fortran programmers
 Simulation software resources  
 Electronic design software links
 ORFEUS software library
 Chemistry related software links and resources
 Chemistry related software links and resources
 Chemistry related software links and resources 
 Computational chemistry software links
 Computational chemistry software links
 Biology related software links 
 Engineering software resources
 Electronics software resources
 Modeling and simulation resources on internet
 Links to Astronomy software collection
 Links to Software Collections
 Chemistry related software collection 
 Numerical Recipes in C-The Art of Scientific Computing (Full book)
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