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Spectral data base 

 The electro-magnetic spectrum
 NIST Atomic spectra database: Line spectra & Level spectra
 Integrated spectral data base for organic compounds
  Spectra of gas discharge (Under electrical discharge excitation)
 Several links to stellar spectra data bases
 X-Ray emission lines: K-level an L-level emission lines
 Absorption and emission spectra of all elements
 Neon spectral line list for calibration
 Argon spectral line list for calibration
 Mercury (Argon) spectral line list for calibration
 Raman spectra library of natural and synthetic dyes
 The solar spectrum with high resolution
 Spectral data curves of different lamps (Tungsten, Deuterium, Arc)
 Online spectral resources from Thermo Galactic (large collection)
 Spectra database of atmospheric constituents
 Reflectance spectra of natural and man made materials from NASA
 Single crystal transmission spectra of minerals (300-2500 nm)
 Reflectance spectra of natural minerals from USGS
 Dye laser tuning curves for different excitation sources
 Spectral response curve of normal human eye
 Spectrum of Platinum Lamp for Ultraviolet Spectrograph Calibration
 Wavenumber Tables for Calibration of Infrared Spectrometers
 Raman spectra data base of minerals
 Index to spectra data files on the Mineral Spectroscopy Server
 Spectra of different light sources
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