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Spectroscopy resources 

 IR spectroscopy tutorial from US environmental protection agency
 Furier transform infrared spectroscopy tutorial by Dr.Shula Levin
 Mass spectroscopy tutorial from Organic chemistry online
  NMR spectroscopy tutorial by Dr. Joseph P. Hornack
 Ultraviolet and visible absorption spectroscopy tutorial
 X-Ray absorption spectroscopy links
 Gamma ray spectroscopy from NASA
 Opto galvanic spectroscopy-A small introduction
 Photoacoustic spectroscopy-A small introduction
 Thermal lens spectroscopy fundamentals
 Raman spectroscopy-A general introduction
 An introduction to imaging spectroscopy
 Atomic spectroscopy tutorial from National Institute of Standards
 Fundamentals of Mossbauer spectroscopy
 Auger electron spectroscopy tutorial from CE associates
 Secondary ion mass spectroscopy tutorial from CE associates
 Rutherford back scattering spectroscopy tutorial from CE associates
 A general introduction to reflectance spectroscopy
 X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy-A general introduction
 Electroabsorption (stark) spectroscopy-A small introduction
 Cavity ring down laser absorption spectroscopy
 Intra cavity absorption spectroscopy-A small introduction
 Atomic fluorescence spectroscopy-A tutorial
 Chemiluminescence spectroscopy-A small introduction
 Atomic emission spectroscopy-A small introduction
 The optics of spectroscopy-A tutorial by J.M.Lerner and A.Thevenon
 Spectroscopy-A general introduction with flash movies
 A general overview of spectroscopy
 Spectroscopy links collected by Dr.Kumar Sinnah
 Lecture notes on modern spectroscopic techniques
 Principles of spectroscopy-A tutorial from USGS
 Gateway to spectroscopy from
 Spectroscopy resources from spectroscopy online
 Laser Induced Plasma Spectroscopy
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