High and Low Power Lasers


Ultrafast Ti-Sapphire Laser (Spectra Physics Tsunami, 3941 MIBB)
Ultrafast Ti-Sapphire Amplifier (Spectra Physics Spitfire Pro)
Q-switched Nd:YLF Laser (Spectra Physics Empower)
Nd:YAG Laser (Spectra Physics Quanta Ray, LAB 190-10)
Nd:YAG Laser (Spectra Physics Quanta Ray, LAB 170)
Nd:YAG Laser (Spectra Physics Quanta Ray, DCR-11)
Optical Parametric Oscillator (Spectra Physics MOPO-710)
Diode pumped Nd:YVO4 Laser (Spectra Physics Millennia Pro, 5sJS)
Carbon di-oxide Laser (Access Laser Company, LASY-12)
Semiconductor Laser (SUWTECH LDC-1500, 300mW, 532nm)
Semiconductor Laser (OptoChem International, 100mW, 532nm)
Semiconductor Laser (VORTRAN, 150mW, 403nm)
Semiconductor Laser (TEC series, Littrow, TEC-100, 810nm)
Carbon di-oxide Laser (Access Laser Company, LASY-12)
He-Ne Laser (Spectra Physics, 102-4, 632nm)

Spectrometers/ Detectors

PulseScout Autocorrelator/ Spectrometer (Spectra Physics)
Optical Spectrometer (Newport, OSM-400-VIS/NIR)
Monochromator/ Spectrometer (Spectra Pro, 500i, Acton Research
Spectrometer (SPEX 1702/04)
Spectrophotometer with Hyper Adapter (Ocean Optics, HR4000)
UV-VIS-NIR Spectrophotometer (JASCO V-570)
Fluorescence Spectrophotometer (Varian Cary Eclipse)
CCD (RS Rooper Scientific NTE/CCD)
Pyroelectric Detectors (Laser Probe Inc., RjP-735)
Silicon Photodetectors (THOR Labs, DET36A/M; 350-1100nm)
Position sensitive detectors (Varian Cary Eclipse)
Broadband, Ultrafast and Multichannel detectors

Other facilities

Energy Ratiometer (Laser Probe Inc., Rj-7620)
CCD based Image Scanner
Photon Counter
Boxcar Averagers
Data Acquisition System (Hewlett Packard)
Xe-arc Lamps
Electronmeter (Keithley)
Photoacoustic cells (Open and Closed Cells)
High speed Oscilloscope (Tektronix, TDS 5104B, 1 GHz)
High speed Oscilloscope (Waverunner 6050A, 500MHz)
Oscilloscope (Tektronix TDS220, TDS360)
Digital Power Meter with LM-45 and P5 head (Coherent, Labmaster)
Optical Spectrum Analyzer (YOKOGAWA, AQ 6319)
Fiber Splicing Machine (Fujikura, FSM-50S)
Plasma Chamber
Fiber Drawing Tower
Digital Multimeter (Keithley 181, Keithley 2000, HP 34401A)
Universal Motion Controller (Newport, ESP300)
Thermal Evaporator – Diffusion type (IHVP, 12cu)
Spin Coating Unit (SPIN 150)
Tape Casting Machine (Plasto Mek, VFD-L)
Fumehood (Labguard)
High Temperature Furnace (1100 deg. C, 2.25KW)
Centrifuge (eltek, TC 4100F)
Vacuum, Laboratory and Microwave Oven
Hotplates and Magnetic Stirrers
Distillation Unit
Vacuum Filtration Unit
Constant Oil and Water baths
Digital pH meter (MKV1)