Current Sponsored Projects

Sl.No. Project Title Funding Agency PI & Co-PI/ Coordinator
1 Development of micro-structured optical fiber and fiber bragg gratings and studies on ultra-optical processes KSCSTE Dr.P Radhakrishnan
2 Establishment of new national MEMS design centers under the scheme, National Programme on Micro and Smart Systems (NPMASS) of ADA (Aeronautical Development Agency) ADA Dr.P Radhakrishnan
3 Rare earth glass doped Chalcogenide glasses for Photonic Applications KSCSTE  

Dr.Sheenu Thomas

4 Nonlinear dynamics of semiconductor lasers under various schemes of coupling feedback and control: Theoretical Analysis BRNS Project (Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences) Dr.V M Nandakumaran
Financial power to
Dr.P Radhakrishnan
5 Development of Photonic Devices using Biopolymer CSIR Dr.V P N Nampoori
Dr.P Radhakrishnan (financial coordinator)
6 Nanomaterials for Multi polar Nonlinear Optics DST Dr. P Radhakrishnan
7 Development of Optical Fiber based device for sensing Applications UGC Dr. P Radhakrishnan
8 Design and Fabricationof Biopolymer based bio photonic device with special reference to organic LED KSCSTE Dr.V P N Nampoori
Dr.Sheenu Thomas
9 Erasmus Plus International Mobility Program European Union Dr. M Kailasnath
10 Science popularization programme ‘Celebration of Light Year’ KSCSTE Dr.M Kailasnath
11 Development of Laser Bio-Speckle Technique for Monitoring Biological Activities of Plants, Vegetables and Fruits KSCSTE Dr. A Mujeeb
12 Chalcogenide materials for photonic device applications KSCSTE Dr.Sheenu Thomas