1. Mirage effect in multilayers (PDF file-431 KB, 41 Pages)     
     A Project Report
     Martijn Heck, Exchange student from Eindhoven University
2. Photoacoustic and photothermal deflection studies on
    certain selected photonic materials (PDF file-1.72 MB, 150
    Pages)   Ph. D Thesis
     Dr. Nibu. A. George ( Details ) ( See Alumni )
3. Sustaining the basic research program of International
    School of Photonic (PDF file-476 KB, 101 Pages)   
     A Project Report
     J. M. A. Nuijten, Exchange student from Eindhoven University
4. Characterisation of Photonic Materials Using Thermal Lens
     Technique (ZIP file-1.15 MB, 9 chapters in PDF format)
     Ph. D Thesis
     Dr. Achamma Kurian ( Details ) ( See Alumni )
    Will be updated soon ....